I didn’t expect this to happen. I’d written a first text and thought I had a second, but everything changes updating two websites. I’ve taken short texts from the second part, which is called mirror text and will now re-vise this part. It’s suddenly too long and a long mirror text no longer seems necessary.


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Christopher Sands, still, unexpected garden plant, 2019

 Is this endless revision? The question seems important somehow. Perhaps the question is bound up in being in psychoanalysis. In a proposal I want to make the case for a dream that’s more art than psychoanalysis and it becomes the proposal itself.

 It’s a proposal after a story and the story of the story and a text is what it is and what it can be. There are perhaps two proposals. Following Jan Both or someone like Jan Both, there’s revision. A landscape is revised and mountains added and a text keeps changing. With a second proposal, I describe a dream avoiding too much reference to psychoanalysis.

 I mention Lacanian concepts, but want to make the case of art world dreams. Proposing something, I want to leave the cupboard bare and begin a dialogue that looks at dreams that are at odds with Freud's drive, which is also the death drive.

 Here Jan Both looks into the future. A flat landscape with Italian hills is a compromise. Words and texts are solid, but a see through screen works a treat. In this see through world we can be subjects, subjected to near and far. 

 We can be far away and close by and Italianate hills put in appearance when the going gets tough. 


Christopher Sands, still, Ruth trying on wig, 2012

Christopher Sands, still, Dublin, 2018

Christopher Sands, still, Loughborough, 2016

Christopher Sands, production still, 2017

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