‘sea through screen'

Christopher Sands, digitasl still, 2014

 I speak, write, but rely on a see through screen and this evening took a small sequence from Nikita Mikhalkov‘s film with sleeping soldiers pushing a lorry. In a story I want to tell, my father is alive again and living in London and I’m all at sea with video and a text supplement. In a version partly inspired by cosmism and daydreams, I peer through dark trees. There are fresh signs of a new body of work and I’m feeling slightly better, having been unwell. With Lacan, the body is also imaginary and a body of work includes daydreams or waking dreams.  At some point I’ll need funding and limitations following illness are built into new proposals. 


 Digital stills here have to do with ongoing and past video and are small windows next to texts that quickly become more opaque. 

Christopher Sands, digitasl still, 2013

Christopher Sands, digitasl still, 2014

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