A lot of things are possible at rhe same time, but with a text things slow down. I’m updating two swebsites at the same time and have just added a page called beginning, ending. I added a photo from 2013, then noticed another from the same time.

I was busy packing things away and putting things into storage and had to take Japanese woodcuts out of frames and these prints (or some of them) filled the house during my childhood.

They were carefully put into a folder and the photo shows scattered borders with my father’s handwriting.

It’s not just archival, a lot was happening and Japanese woodcuts are sometimes called Ukiyo-e, which is reference to a floating world.

In a second photo shown below, Ruth is drinking coffee at St Pancras and it’s a year later. 

Christopher Sands, digitasl still, 2013

Christopher Sands, digitasl still, 2014

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