‘first thoughts'



 Other things happen most days, not just writing and video sometimes, but what I call work organises something. I could begin with a Tarkovsky moment more than thirty years ago or with a dream and the dream follows looking again at e-flux cosmism texts.

 The dream involves museum people and a project involves working on coastal fields. The site (and there are a few) comes with neglected animals and museum employees ahd half spoilt documents, photos and paintings and there’s no agreement about what is to be done. I want to be involved, but decisions are put off in the dream. It follows reading an e-flux text and the location could have something to do with the Zone in Tarkovsky’s film, Stalker.

 I’ve mentioned a few proposals and nothing sticks... and art world proposals aren’t necessarily part of a trajectory... but like the idea of a proposal that comes with a dream. I mention a few coordinates, but dont want to spoil the party at this stage. It’s just a dream or just a dream proposal.

 Proposals sometimes lead to diffidence. This one has no real form as a proposal and can't be taken seriously and art world proposals necessarily fall apart. But dreaming I’ve dreamt a proposal seems a good starting point and coordinates can be the coordinates of a proposal in due course. The proposition becomes a little clearer. I'll make the case for a project based on dreaming and will avoid coordinates that could have something to do with psychoanalysis. 

 I'll take a dream (perhaps this one) and turn dream coordinates into an art proposal.   

Christopher Sands, production still, 2014

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Christopher Sands, production still, 2010 

Christopher Sands, production still, 2010

Christopher Sands, production still, 2017

Christopher Sands, production still, 2018


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