Christopher Sands, digital still, 2014


 Talking to a heron one night is in talking house(s) somewhere. It’s a storyline and in it I let go of going anywhere at any time. It’s a retroactive moment and far fetched... and wandering around with a camera is another option. It’s a daytime option and what to do and where to go is just an afterthought. Getting about is strangely problematic and my problems begin with insomnia and a waking dream. Going anywhere involves driving somewhere, it’s sometimes cold… and a body of work can be an uptight body. None of this is altogether new. I remember too much time spent at Kew or feeling stranded in Jersey and there were many instances of having nothing to do and having nowhere to go and isolation possibly begins with isolation in hospital in 1955… but that's a long shot and isolation now is having something and nothing to do. (taken from text called other things and added 1.1.20) 

© Christopher Sands 2017