‘bio notes 2'

My father died in 1992 and this led indirectly to post grad. art therapist training at Herts Uni. (1994-6). I returned to Jersey in 1996 and became a single parent looking after my daughter, Robyn, who was born in 1988. I worked as an art therapist, began work on a text called P. and started showing work. 

I began a part time art psychotherapy MA at Goldsmiths in 1999... which was the start of disenchantment with art therapy and first moves in the direction of Lacan orientated psychoanalysis. I came across Z i z e k’s writing and started reading Lacan. 

I continued showing video and paintings, then began cancer treatment 2009-11. I met Ruth Carter in 2009 and t a l k i n g house(s) has a lot to do with her. Ruth died, towards the end of 2014, from neutropenic sepsis, following ongoing breast cancer treatment. 

I’d like to start some funded work in the near future and want to do something with t a l k i n g house(s). 

I've a future project in mind, but turning ideas into a project will take time. Insomnia (and experience working in clinical areas), video and the fourth draft of a text that's taken too long are starting points.

Texts play a large part in what I do and shown work or work that can be shown is a commentary that begins with reading and writing. I never really know what I'm reading or writing and showing something forces another perspective. I talk too much or say too much and the work is sometimes saying less and somehow minimal.


Christopher Sands, still, 2016

footnote for both bio texts:                                      Images accompanying both bio texts date from 2016. The first photo was taken in Northern Cyprus and the second in Loughborough. Images work in a different way once they become archival. S a m l i s is an archeological site, the image comes from an archive and it's a already something else. I make the most of a long lens in the second image. It's a frozen moment, with an ice cream van visible in the background. 

© Christopher Sands 2017