What follows in one of two websites are mainly excerpt from texts that came about slowly in the last six years

 I begin with talking house(s) which is a book size text and subsequent texts accompany video. Video lags behind during the pandemic and texts lagged behind during my time with Ruth (2009-2014)… and we met during during cancer treatment.

 Spending too much time at home during the pandemic, I'm pulled in two directions. A text moves in one direction while video timelines move in another. There are excerpts from the latest text in an accompanying website (christopher-sands.com) and some stills here are video stills. Work which sometimes includes painting, matches improvisation and retroaction and something like performance is always possible with funding or sponsorship.  

Christopher Sands, still, hotel bags, 2009


Christopher Sands, Ruth, 2010

Christopher Sands, still, 2014



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